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No te pierdas esta noche de historia y música. Viernes a las 20:30h

ABOUT THE PRESENTATION:  A bilingual presentation of the novel, THE LAST UMAYYAD, will be given, discussing the evolution of the writing process, the storyline, and the historical character, Arib Ibn Saïd, a physician who practiced medicine during the reigns of Abderramán the Second and Al-Hakam the Second and who wrote, “El libro de la generación del feto, el tratamiento de las mujeres embarazadas y de los recien nacidos.”  Short sections of the novel will be read, in English and in Spanish.  The evening will end with a classical guitar performance by Miguel Angel Vilar.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The year is 985 A.D.   Almanzor, having ruthlessly eliminated his adversaries, is now effectively dictator of Al-Andalus.  Hisham the Second, the legitimate heir to the Caliphate, has been excluded from Affairs of State since he received the Royal Ring when he was just twelve years old.  THE LAST UMAYYAD opens on Hisham’s twentieth birthday.  His mother, the Sultana Subh, has decided that the time has come to place her son, the Sacred Umayyad, back on the throne.  She is tireless, ambitious and willing and able to use her female idol, La Dama, to bring about Almanzor’s ruin.  THE LAST UMAYYAD tells the story of how she builds her coalition and narrates events that will define the future of the Islamic domination on the Iberian Peninsula.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Michael Leopold was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1958.  He was educated at Macalester College (BA in English Literature and Psychology), the University of Washington (MFA in Creative Writing), and the Université de Bordeaux-Sorbonne (Diplome d’Etudes Approfondis in English for Specific Purposes).  Mr. Leopold received a fellowship from the Ragdale Foundation in 1998 and was awarded Honorable Mention from the Publishing Online Books Awards in 2000.  He has lived in Córdoba since 1998, where he has worked on his books and taught English as a Second Language.



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